Best Casino Game 2 – GONZO’S QUEST

Gonzo is the most popular character in Online Casino world. Gonzo guy has been invented by NetEnt some years ago and has absolutely nothing to do with gonzo porn. And it has nothing to with Muppet Show Gonzo either! And for those of you who are so well-educated that you know what “gonzo journalism” is – nope, it is not about it neither. Here is how NetEnt “slot-Gonzo” looks like:

Face of Gozo

Almost like Jesus in a hat, eh? Gonzo or Gonzalo might become your personal Jesus if you manage to win millions on Gonzo’s Quest slot. This game is about the guy who is on his quest for Mexican gold. And you get the chance to come along on this quest with him. You get easily immersed into the game and the chances to win high seem to get larger the more you play with all these addictive multiplier features.


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