Best Casino Games 2015
Casino feature image is about 4 Best Casino Games there is. The site and, hence, the list of the best slots has been created by the team of Scandinavian Casino experts behind the slots-oriented site – Radu Stensson and Mikael Tannenbaum. This casino game top list covers 2015. We will ask them for a professional advice again in January 2016 and provide you with the new list then.

Note that all casinos promoted on have a UK license. This means you can are 100% safe when you select playing on these casino sites.

Selection of Best Slots 2015

The selection of the casino games on the list has been made based on the performance of casino games online. These casino games have proven their success across various markets and different types of casino players. Having said that, of course, these video slots are not holding the top positions yet in all countries. Geographically Microgaming slot machines are still more popular in United Kingdom. However NetEnt is getting more and more momentum. According to Google Trends NetEnt has finally beaten Microgaming in overall number of searches in the end of 2013. This goes for global search of slots suppliers. The situation is not really the same in UK where Netent still has a bit to go. We believe that these 4 Casino Games will become a large hit in 2015-2016 in United Kingdom and the rest of Casino world.

Microgaming vs NetEnt graph

Microgaming versus Netent in Google Trends as of January 2015.

Slots versus Table Games

When making the selection of the best 4 casino games we have, of course, thought about roulette and black jack. Both of these games are very popular. There are many different types of Roulette and Black Jack available in each and every online casino. This makes the statistics around the performance of those games very misleading. In the world of online gambling various types of each table game are accounted for as a separate game. The team has decided to focus on the slot machine games in order to provide the correct information according to iGaming standards.

Why are these 4 Casino Games best?

We will not disclose the top games just yet. If you want to see the winning games, click on the tabs above. The intention with this section is to explain to you the success of these particular games.
Best Casino Game 1 has a very low min bet which makes it popular among those who don’t consider themselves as slots high rollers. This also leads to the fact that many casinos offer so called “free spins” or “free games” on this game. Low min bet makes it cheaper for the casinos to offer many free spins on this very slot machine. And, as we all know, larger quantity of free spins attracts more players. Click here (/best-casino-game-1) in order to view the game and check what online casinos are offering free spins on this game. This slot – as all 4 slots selected – is provided to you by Netent. You can find all information you need about Netent (formerly Net Entertainment) at

Best Casino Game 2 has a Mexican touch. When it comes to graphics, this slot might be the best that Netent has done. As NetEnt slots are the best slots in the world for the moment, this might be the best slot machine that you can find in any of online casinos out there. Casino operators are not often offering any free games on this game as it is a bit expensive for them. Free games here are called Free Falls. Check out why by viewing what game is number 2 on our list (/best-casino-game-2)

Best Casino Game 3 is a classic. It reminds of the slot machines we played back in the 1970’s. Retro style with a new flavor. Cherries, sevens and bars are all present and waiting for you. This slot game is extra popular as it is more volatile and gives you large winnings quite frequently. View this game and read about potential offers here (/best-casino-game-3)

And, finally, the last casino game we are about to present is all about vampires. This goes well together with last years’ craze around the vampire theme. Online Casino industry people are following Hollywood agenda closely. The main reason for success of this slot machine is not the vampires, but high RTP (Payout, Return to Player). This means that you win on this slot more frequently, more often. The time that you spend playing this slot is significantly longer than if you play on, let’s say, on Sizzling Hot (ext link: – one of the most popular slots there is online. So let us finish up. Here is the link to the last game on the list of top casino games in 2015!


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